Advisory Support

We firmly believe that tax costs in a business transaction can be best optimized with advance planning and structuring. Business urgency requires forming reliable tax positions in a reasonable time-frame. Our experience across diverse industries, and with judicial forums in litigations, enable us to assist you with timely and useful insights.

Compliances Support

Compliances are the backbone of any taxation system. In the context of Goods and Services Tax (β€˜GST’), compliances assumed significant importance as it involves filing of multiple returns, matching concept for credits, annual reconciliations etc. At GSTConnect, we provide support in filing returns / statements, refunds etc. within the prescribed timelines.


GST was rolled out with effect from July 1, 2017. Since then, the Government has made various amendments to clear several key aspects of the law for ease of implementation. This rapidly changing environment makes it crucial for the corporates to review and align the tax positions / internal processes in accordance with the GST law on a regular basis.

Litigation Support

Tax litigation in India not only involves time, financial costs and penal consequences, but it also entails uncertainty in respect of on-going transactions. Our experience has shown that the comprehensive preparation at the initial stages of tax litigation plays a significant role in a successful outcome.

Policy Advocacy Support

With growing complexities around taxation of various transactions, a business should avoid unexpected and time-consuming tax litigation. An effective alternative to tax litigation is to reach out to policy makers / tax authorities to pre-empt any business disruption.


Technically updated employees, vendors and customers are a boon to every business set-up. This not only ensures business efficiencies but also helps in pre-empting future uncertainties.